Avoid MBBS Admission in Ukraine China Russia Philippines

Why you should Avoid MBBS Admission in Ukraine, China, Russia Philippines

Avoid MBBS Admission in China, Russia Philippines since you have a better option to study MBBS Abroad.

Rethink if you like to enroll in MBBS Study in Ukraine for Medical from Kyrgyzstan

Today we’ll discuss over-hyped MBBS admission to Russia, Ukraine, China.

Hope all you guys attend free seminars and counseling session by various agents. If you observe most of the workshops of similar type, first they will show you documentary or mind-blowing video of colleges. The few past students’ video testimonials. If you critically observed no one will talk about NMC (MCI) passed rates after completing the MBBS degree, they will avoid disclosing hidden costs, never give you exact figures about outdoor patients in hospitals, hide MBBS education quality, study environment, and so on.

Case Study shows those Indian students went to study MBBS in China or MBBS in the Philippines some of them waste valuable 4 to 5 years to Study Medical in Russia when they return India those MBBS degrees not valid until they clear Foreign Medical Graduate Examination FMGE Screening Test.

FMGE Outcome

Passing rates of this MCI Screening (FMGE) test in single-shot very low, nearly 4-6 percent. Those Medical Students get frustrated trying to clear FMGE in 7-8 attempts. Medical Graduates from China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Philippines lastly landed up as Admission Agent for that College. You quickly find Dr. XYZ as an admission guru from your place. As a parent/guardian, you don’t want to see your son or daughter as admission agents after failing to clear FMGE several attempts.

Whereas Indian MBBS Graduates passed from Bangladesh, they clear the FMCG computer-based test on a single attempt. MBBS from Bangladesh Last July 2020 FMGE results show a 78.5 percent passing rate in first attempts. The quality of Medical Study in Bangladesh is far better compared to those countries.


The following factors behind such a good quality of medical education in Bangladesh find below:

  • The MBBS Study pattern, similar to Indian Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, follows the National Medical Commission of India (NMC) guidelines – British Curriculum.

Indian students can apply to study MBBS in Bangladesh if they have good scores in Class 10th And Class 12th.

  • For MBBS in Bangladesh, Minimum Marks are required to get Direct Admission 7 GPA, i.e., 60 percent in PCB and 60 percent in Biology and Overall 1st Division. On the other hand, no minimum qualification is required to study MBBS in Ukraine, China, Russia, or a country like the Philippines.
  • To get admission in a Medical course in Bangladesh, candidates’ year gap is not more than two years; for example, if you want to apply this year 2021, you must be passed 12th in 2021 or 2020, age restriction. But in the case of MBBS in China or MBBS in Russia or the Philippines no such limitation. That’s why the quality of Medical Study in Bangladesh is far better.
  • All Books and study materials followed Indian Authors, same books followed in India too. According to medical colleges in Bangladesh, most of the journals refer to Indian Doctors.
  • Bangladesh high a densely populated country – Medical Students Get more Clinical Exposure most important during MBBS study. To get on hand practical knowledge, our Doctor knows how valuable during medical graduate study.

Medical Study patterns and Syllabus in Bangladesh are all the same as in Indian Medical Colleges.

  • Interesting part massive patients flow in Bangladeshi Medical colleges, students from Nepal prefer doing MBBS Degree in Bangladesh, in-spite of good medical colleges in Nepal due to lack of patients, if we thinking China Medical Colleges god know is there any patients comes in a blue moon.
  • Most Private Medical Colleges in China or Medical Colleges in the Philippines or Russia are only made for Indian students to earn foreign currency. Whereas no such college, we will find it in Bangladesh. In all Medical colleges in Bangladesh, you can find 25-30 percent of foreign students, most of them came from Nepal, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Gulf Countries, Bhutan few Malaysia, U.S., and European students.

Indian parents are keen to send their son/daughters to study MBBS in Bangladesh because of Alcohol or any Drug consumption illegal in Bangladesh. You cannot find any liquor shop in Bangladesh (Dry Country) similar to our State Gujarat. No chance of getting a drug addict. 

In most cases, we find students who went to study medicine in the Philippines, Russia, or China who gets alcoholic or drug addict. Can’t clear MBBS Degree in the given time frame (5 years).


What did they do? Those guys became admission agents for those colleges.

If we search in google, we’ll get ‘n’ number of doctors (Dr.) providing MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, MDS Admissions in India or Medical study Abroad.

Smile Education advice you please beware of those Dr. who left their actual profession and claiming best person forget your son/daughter into medical colleges anywhere in India – Its not possible or abroad – they damn care of student’s career.

Nowadays, Medical admission in India (Direct Admission) without an entrance test is not possible. After the NEET qualification, it’s not affordable for middle-class families to enter private medical colleges.

MBBS in Bangladesh much better Option

As we all know, in India, fees are very high, nearly 10-16 Lac per year + Donation = Total package about 80 – 95 Lac in 4.5 years.

Whereas the same MBBS Degree can opt from Bangladesh at 24-33 Lac in 5 years Without any Donation.

Valuation of MBBS Degree from Bangladesh the same as India.

Under MCI Act 1956

Refer Medical Council of India (MCI) Official Website

M.C.I Recognised Medical Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside India.

Check MCI Website Here See More Details Click Here

So we conclude Medical Study in Bangladesh is better than in China, Russia, or the Philippines:

Why Avoid MBBS Admission in Ukraine, China, Russia Philippines

Medical students of India now have the second-best Option to do MBBS from Bangladesh. The MBBS of Bangladesh is far better than the MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS from China, or MBBS Admission in Russia, and the Philippines, etc. The Medical study of Bangladesh is similar to the medical research of India with the same books used by students, same study patterns like India, same syllabus, and exact duration of the study, similar medicines, similar diseases, similar study plan, and same examination pattern. Bangladesh’s culture and food patterns are the same as India’s. In addition to this same languages are spoken in India and in Bangladesh, i.e., English, Hindi, and Bengali.

The act of MCI 1956 approves Medical colleges in Bangladesh. It is the best safest place for students to study outside their country as it is a dry place and no alcohol or drug consumption is allowed in Bangladesh, and it is considered illegal in Bangladesh.

MBBS Fees in Bangladesh (No Hidden Cost All fees paid directly to College)

  • Community Based Medical College, Dhaka NMC Approved US$ 44000 (INR 27,30,000) – Hostel Included
  • Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Enayetpur, Bangladesh Rajshahi University NMC Approved US$ 43000 (INR 32.5 Lac) Hostel Included – Only ISO Certified Medical College in Bangladesh
  • Eastern Medical College, Comilla, Chatt Univ NMC Approved US$ 40100 (INR 27.7 Lac) Hostel Included
  • Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka – NMC Approved US$ 45000 (INR 33,00,000) – No Hostel
  • Monno Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka – NMC Approved US$ 41500 (INR 30,50,000), Including Hostel.
  • Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka Dhaka Univ. NMC Approved US$ 48000 (INR 35 Lac Hostel Separate
  • Uttara women’s Medical College, Dhaka Univ. NMC Approved US$ 45000( INR 31.5 Lac) A.C Hostel US$130 Per Month
  • Southern Medical College, Chittagong Univ NMC Approved US$ 36000 (INR 25.8 Lac) – With Hostel
  • Barind Medical College & Hospital – Rajshahi University, NMC Approved US$ 37,000 (INR 26 Lac) With Hostel Accommodation.


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