MBBS in Karnataka

List of Medical Colleges in Karnataka

MBBS in Karnataka – Government and Private Medical Colleges

Top Medical Colleges in Karnataka

List of Government  Medical Colleges in Karnataka and Total MBBS Seats available

Top Medical Colleges in Bangalore

Total MBBS Colleges in Karnataka : 60
Total MBBS Seats in Karnataka : 9345
Top Medical Colleges in Mysore

Top Medical Colleges in Mangalore

Total number of Private Medical Colleges in Karnataka State; Total MBBS seats available

Total MBBS Seats available in Karnataka 9345

Total Number of Medical Colleges in Karnataka studying MBBS 60

Medical Council of India (MCI) approved Medical Colleges in Karnataka

Total Medical Seats for MBBS in Karnataka: 9345

Total Seats MBBS in Karnataka 9345
MCI Approved Medical Colleges 60 teaching MBBS

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