Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka National Medical College Produced Top Class Graduates Doctors National and International Candidates

About 4500 students are proud to brand Dhaka National Medical College as their alma mater following graduation from their MBBS program in Bangladesh. Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital has well established, contemporary facilities which have been improving steadily since the year 1994. The institute has ample academic resources and chances for students in all possible avenues. Some of the prominent departments at the hospital include cardiology, psychiatry, pathology, radiology, gastroenterology, imaging, hematology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, neurology, urology and many others. There are various specialties also in which the college has become famous like neurosurgery, ENT, pathophysiology, clinical neurology etc.

Dhaka National Medical College Admission Phone Number 9903-033-033

MBBS Admission in Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital is quite challenging as there are many foreign students in this college who are with all sorts of professional ambitions. There is a very competitive admission procedure and you will have to have minimum overall GPA 9 to apply MBBS admission in DNMCH. All acecamic certificates should be properly process with help of authorised Indian representative Smile Education Consultancy head office in Kolkata. Submit the proper papers for selection via Smile Edu. The Indian students mandatory to clear NEET-UG, which is the only main entrance exam is conducted during the month of August- September and you can find the NEET results by the first or second week of this month October.

The MBBS in Bangladesh admission process will be announced after NEET Entrance Exam Result. The college has two branches Dhaka Nation Medical College for MBBS Degree, and Dhaka Nation Medical College Dental Unit for BDS program. You can opt for any branch according to your preference and schedule.

Dhaka National Medical College Fees

Dhaka Nation Medical College MBBS Admission Process

It is important for the candidates to review the eligibility criteria of the college before applying for the MBBS Program

Dhaka Nation Medical CollegeĀ  require minimum GPA 9

Candidates can check eligibility calculate GPA from Free GPA Calculator for MBBS in Bangladesh

In order to get the candidature for MBBS, you have to undergo through the full board certification and paper processing which can be done by Smile Education office at Kolkata. This means that you have to clear the NEET-UG examination which has to be done under the supervision of National Testing Agency (NTA). After clearing the NEET entrance exam, you can directly apply for Dhaka Nation Medical College with help of Smile Education. The admission procedure also includes the medical test and they are conducted after departure the campus and start the course. Every year only 100 number of students get chance in Dhaka Nation Medical College out of which 50 per cent foreign candidates and rest local Bangladeshi medical students.

The MBBS Course fee structure is based on the local and international students. Payment schedules for foreign students mentioned in invitation or provisional admission letter which can be pay in US Dollar.

Dhaka National Medical College Rankings

World Ranking: 21518

Country Rank : 41

As compared to other medical colleges, the MBBS fee structure in Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital is comparatively less when compared to other schools. For those who are willing to pursue specialization in MBBS, they can choose to stay in Dhaka itself and study.

It has been observed that the quality of education offered by the medical colleges in Bangladesh has improved over the last few years. Earlier education was mostly provided at the local level but that is not the case anymore. Dhaka National Medical College has gradually improved its reputation through the years. It is one of the oldest med colleges in Bangladesh and it was established back in 1925. Over the years, the medical college has changed hands several times. Some of the well known institutions which are associated with this college are SDhaka Nation Medical College Dental Unit, Dhaka Nation Medical Institue, Dhaka Nation Medical College and Hospital under Dhaka University.

MBBS Fees Structure in Dhaka Nation Medical College

Total MBBS Course Fee: US$38,000 in Indian Currency INR 35,68,927

01. Admission Fee : US$ 30,000
02. Tution Fee : First month to until passing the course US$ 300 (per month)
03. Hostel & Food charges (Approx) US$ 100 (per month)

BDS Course Fee:

01. Admission Fee : US$ 13,000
02. Tution Fee : First month to until passing the course US$ 200 (per month)
03. Hostel & Food charges (Approx) US$ 100 (per month)

It is a fact that every country needs to have good healthcare facilities so that the overall health of the country can be maintained. In Bangladesh too, there is a great requirement for qualified doctors. So the Internation applicants MBBS application form can be submitted in Bangladesh High Commission which can be done by Smile Education on behalf of Indian students. Before starting the course, students must be aware about the admission process and about the terms and conditions. The students must take the help of the internet for the same.

Final MBBS Admission Process Steps

The exam conducted by this college is very tough and needs a lot of hard work from the student. For this, they require the candidates to undergo an intensive training session which lasts for about full five years MBBS duration. During the session, the candidates are required to submit multiple copies of their assessments, practical classes along with their card exam scores. every week. There are total four University final exams after each phases.

Candidates need to submit documents to Smile Education office as and when required. After reviewing the eligibility criteria, the students can proceed to the final stage which is to submit the application form and together with the right documents such as the passport, student visa and equivalency certificate. Once the application form is submitted, the Dhaka National Medical College will issue final admission letter, student ID card, Roll Number to all candidates.

Save the Smile Education helpline number before Call or Whatsapp 9903-033-033

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